FKK-Jugend / Nudist-Youth

65 arguments for nudism (FKK)

Nudism is confortable

1. There are times when clothing is physically uncomfortable. Nudity, on the other hand, is often much more comfortable.

2. For many activities, nudity is often far more practical than clothing.

3. Clothing also restricts movement, and encumbers the athlete. Studies done by the West German Olympic swim team showed that even swimsuits slow down a swimmer.

Nudism raise metal health

4. Many psychologists say that clothing is an extension of ourselves. The clothes we wear are an expression of who we are. The Naturist's comfort with casual nudity, therefore, represents an attitude which is comfortable with the self as it is in its most basic state, without modification or deceit.

5. Clothes-compulsiveness locks us into a constant battle between individuality and conformity of dress. Nudity frees us from this anxiety, by fostering a climate of comfortable individuality without pretense.

6. The practice of the naturism is a liberating experience. By deciding, in the presence of others to be naked including members of the other sex, the naturist puts down also the whole social load, which accompanies with the nakedness taboo.

7. The naturist hides nothing. They havenít much stress as the people, wearing clothes.

8. Clothes hides the natural variety of the human body. If people will never confronted with nudity, they grow up with unrealistic expectations and missconceptions of the human body and apply their conceivabilities from other sources like TV.

9. Clothes are hiding the body and theyíre creating mysteries and unaware about natural processes of the human body like pregnancy, young age and senescence.
Children (and adults) who are growing up in a nudist-community are not fret about these natural processes.

Clothing and shame Ė some observations

10. Children are not ashamed of beeing naked naturally. Their parents teach them to be ashamed of being naked.

11. Itís a culture sumption, that clothes are necessary because theyíre chick. But not all cultures think so and some members of our       culture, donít do this, too.

12. Some ethic tribes are still living naked, without shame. They only start to shame about themselves, when they get contact with the modern world

13. Even in northern america nudity was common in some tribes before the european arrived.



Nudism raise sexual health

14. Nudity it isnít erotic by itself and nudity in mixed groups it isnít sexual. Sexuality is deliberately and is has nothing do to with clothes.

15. Nudists in a group are sexual healthier and mostly more intimate with their bodys than other people, that contributs to a normal and relaxed tenor about sexuality.

16. Studies resulted that naturists rarely involved in illegitimate sex, incest and rape than non-naturists.

17. Studies Resulted that countries with less complexes (in relation to nudity) have less abortions.

18. Clothes raise sexual riddles and further unhealthy sexual fantasys

19. Complete and natural nakedness stands in glaring contrast to the artificial half pornography of the mode industry.

20. By carrying up-attractive clothes (e.g. bikini) often directs one the attention toward the hidden ranges (genital organs) and arouses so the sexual interest.

21. Many psychologists believe that by carrying remarkable clothes the sexual interest is only aroused and/or provoked. Sometimes this can lead to problems.

22. Partial clothing is sexually substantially more energizing than full nakedness.

23. Moderate clothing - particularly if it is forced - excites sexual interest and sexual desires.

24. Half nakedness (without upper section) manufactures an unhealthy curiosity on chests as sexual objects.

25. Nudist sunbathing is the anti-thesis of pornography.

26. Pornography was defined as the attempt to exercise power over nature. The pornography is in most cases expression of sexual power of men over women in our culture. By FKK you learn natural handling to the other sex (female or male).

27. refusal and suppression of nakedness heat the pornography up in its different forms. If the naked human body is regarded of the society as normal, the Porno industry will not be any more able, itself to marked out.

28. Many psychologists believe that it can come by the suppression of a healthy sexualitaet to more act of violence.

FKK makes healthy

29. Clothes prevent many natural purposes of the skin. For example repelling humidity, fast drying, breathing and the feeling to notice the world in a special way.

30. Nakedness under the sun promotes the general health and energizes the production of vitamin D, which is essential for a strong immune system among other things for the Kalziumabsorbtion. It promotes likewise the growth of strong bones, which are important for children particularly.

31. Strong clothes can cause health problems, by obstructing the natural river of the blood.

32. Clothes can accommodate illness causing bacteria and yeasts (particularly in underwear and sport clothes).

33. The medical research resulted in that carrying of clothes is connected such as dangerous mosquitoes and lice or other pathogens with an increased susceptibility for bites and passes by animals, which can hide themselves or get caught in textiles.

34. Clothes hide the natural beauty of the human body.

35. Clothes make often the appearance of humans older. Remarkable or tasteless clothes make humans ugly.

36. A much larger occurrence of smell causing bacteria is promoted by carrying clothes.

37. Nakedness promotes the social equality. Naked we are all the same. By abolishing clothes also the social classes and the people do not disappear show up, how they are real, like it to seem want.

FKK is healthy for the family

38. Research showed that children, who grow up in a Naturistenfamilie are more natural usually self-assured, more self-confidently and sexually loose and than non--naturists. They are with their body and with its sexualitaet trust.

39. Children, who grow up in a Naturistmworld, see that the natural body changes are, like for example puberty (growth of sex organs and hairs), pregnancy and aging part of a natural process. They make themselves over it less unnecessary thoughts and concerns than the children, to who the nakedness and the natural development of the human body are hidden by clothes.

40. The research resulted in that countries with fewer reservations against nakedness and sexualitaet generally also have a lower dte rodent pregnancy.

41. Laundry obligation shys millions of mothers and holds it to satisfy their children in the public although it is both for the child and the nut/mother healthier and often more pleasant.

FKK supports the toolism and the fight for the liberty of the women

42. The suppression of a healthy female nakedness heats up the pornography as well as the Pornindustrie.

43. Pornography limits the possibility of women of participating or in other way of being informally naked in healthy, naked recovery. Nudist sunbathing breaks the power of the pornography over women.

44. The fight for liberty should promote the citizen rights for women - not the license for Pornography.

45. Clothe customs and laws contributed historically to the suppression of women. For example in the center nineteenth centuries a narrow waist was held for an indication by beauty to reach and in order this standard squeezed itself for women in Korsetts, which restricted the stomach (and other internal organs) and inward and upward pressed. They made substantially breathing and the admission of food to the women more difficult. In addition women carried as far as fifteen layers of underrocks and of Krinolinen under their long skirts.

46. FKK is free a celebration of the natural human body, that from artificialness (chest implants etc..) is. It has the ideals of a natural, simple and way of life friendly regarding the environment.

47. Clothes cut us off from nature, by restraining the abilities of the skin to notice the environment

48. The physical barrier of clothes strengthens the psychological barriers, which separate us from nature.


Clothe requirements are arbitrary and contradictory

49. Clothe standards are contradictory.

      Humans in bikinis and/or trunks are accepted at beaches and even admired, elsewhere however, for example in a department store, do not wait.

50. Clothe regulations are based arbitrarily and irrationally on the sex.

      Up to the year 1920 female knoechel and schienbeine in western cultures were considered erotisch. The Japanese considered the back of the neck of a woman erotisch and contemporary Middle East cultures hide the face of the woman. During the Gulf War (1991) female U.S. Armeepersonal was forbidden to that revealing their arms since it would insult the allied Saudis. Women (however not men) were forced to carry in sengender heat full army clothes.

FKK grows with the acceptance

51. FKK-Vacation is an important part of the tourism in many countries.

      In the year 1983 made about 2 million humans vacation in FKK clubs and at beaches in France. According to the president for the nudist sunbathing and camping department of the Yugoslav tourist association FKK holiday-makers constituted 25% of the entire foreign tourism.

52. Nakedness is more everyday in foreign media than with us. For example from of Brazil most popular T.V. transmissions, Pantanal contained, frequently nakedness; an inquiry, which was accomplished by a local newspaper, found out that 83% the spectator accepted the naked scenes. An inquiry of the university of Sao Paulo in June 1990 counted 145 radiant emittances of nakedness per week on the television.

53. Numbers of members in Naturistmorganisatios increase. The numbers of members in the American "federation for naked recover` exceeded the 40.000-border. (in the year 1992 there was only 15,000 being and in the year 1995 rose the number to 46.000) according to a study, which was assigned by ` the trade association for naked recovery, the participation in naturism grows at present by approximately 20% per year.

54. The tourism industry discovered that it benefits their own economic interest to accept clotheless recovery.

Historical support for the nudist sunbathing

55. Already at the beginning of our time calculation the nakedness was particularly everyday for men in the Greek civilization. For example the athletes were naked with the olympic plays.

56. Roman citizens including the early Christians bathed up to 4. Century together naked in the public baths. Nakedness was normal also in other parts of the old Roman society.

57. The writings in former times Christians such as Irenaeus and Tertullian make clear that they did not have ethical reservations against joint nakedness.

58. Nakedness was in the medieval Renaissance company rather generally, particularly in the public baths and within the family federations.

59. Even in the viktorianischen era naked bathing in the sea and in music resounding was everyday stood often naked models as living Skulptures.

60. Few only know that bathing suits, how we know them today are a relatively new concept. The conception of having to carry special clothes when swimming is hardly one century old.

61. Today there are still public places, where nakedness, apart from local tradition or custom, is an accepted practice.

62. Nakedness was used often historically as symbol of protest or of rebellion against suppression.

Historical origins of the suppression of nakedness

63. Repressive moral was used by state and church, in order to exercise control of otherwise free citizens.

64. Repressive moral often tried, not only the nakedness to control but also sexualitaet generally.

65. Nakedness was often censored and forbidden primarily, in order to avoid the more difficult task to administer it.


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