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What is naturism, nudism or FKK?

Here you have to differentiate between these two words, because there are obvious qualitative differences. Naturists live naked. For this kind of people it’s normal to be naked in their own flat. For nudists it’s unusual. FKK (FreiKörperKultur/FreeBodyCulture) principally is nudism but mostly in a bigger community. You can observe that I some FKK associations like German Association of Nudism (Deutscher Verband für Freikörperkultur). particularly in the english speaking countries nudists and naturists are differenced for the very reason that nudists are staying in zoned areas and naturists in the nature (Forests, Lakes…).

Naturism is more than bodily nudity. Naturists believe in the educative and harmonizing effect of nudity in the nature. The aim of that is living in harmony and the appearances of nature. The naturist want to feel the wind, rain, snow and sun on his skin what is impossible in the flat or house. Frequently you can see the the bodies education in view of a beautiful, aesthetic and healthy body. The real naturism dissociate from the „fat bellys in FKK-Clubs”. Many Naturists eating healthy/vegetarian, doing sports, trinking few or no alcohol, wearing healthy clothes.

So you can see naturism as a tenor of life, whereas there are more than only nudity. Nudity here is involved with bodyfeelings, inurement and outbuilding of the body.
Nude are all humans the same and they have to differ from each other thru e.g. intellectual and ethic services. A defiance beyond material status symbols.

The abbreviation „FKK“ (FreiKörperKultur/FreeBodyCulture) knows every german. This abbreviation is more frequent in use for many Nudebeaches and Nudecamps outside of the germany speaking countries, too.


FKK ist the generic term for nude-bathing (sun baths and sports on the beach, too), Nudism and naturism.
So nudism is a part of naturism and nude-bathing a part of nudism.

Or mathematical:

Nude-Bathing < Nudism < Naturism

Not how often states, Nude-bathing, nudism and naturism is the same like FKK.

The nude-bathing person is naked at lake and beach maybe goes to the sauna and in swimming halls with limited nude-bathing times, too. Otherwise is it always dressed to find (except under the shower).

A nudist is a human, that is simply gladly naked ad therefore, it can be furnished, it waives to clothes.
If the nudist goes for a walk, he mostly walks with shoes. It’s possible, that the nudist is drinking alcohol, smoking, smites animals and pollutes the nature (which is hopefully not the case).

A naturist waives to shoes by walking, if it’s possible. The naturist thinks about the nature another way. He Sees the beauty and fragility and don’t want to destroy and exploit the nature, het takes only what the naturist needs. The naturist lives healthy and body-consciously. Doesn’t smoke, drink, smite animals or pollute the nature.

Why someone exercises the free physical culture (as alternative “to do FKK”)?

Because she or he

- feels better naked
- wants to become seamless brown
- thinks, clothes are redundant besides protection
- nudity as a tenor of life
- likes naked people better
- isn’t ashamed of his nudity

How the naked human looks like is completely insignificant
If he’s fat or not, if he’s trained or not, muscular or weak, disabled or healthy, hairy or sleek.
That’s all Nudity (FKK)!

The INF defined naturism at their congress in 1974 as follows:

“… Naturism is a savoir vivre in harmony with the nature. It comes to the expression into the joint nudity, paired with self-respect as well as respecting the other-thinking and the environment.
Joint nnudity is an essential characteristic of the naturism that evaluate the whole nature elements, sun, water and air. The naturism re-establishes the physical and psychological equilibrium, by bringing recovery in a natural environment by movement and respect for the basic principles of health nutrition. The naturism promotes many activities those creativity develop. Complete nudity is the most suitable ' suit ' over a return to nature to carry out and is with surely the most visible aspect of the naturism, even if it is not the only one. It has a compensatory effect on humans, by it of tensions releasing, by taboos and provocations of the today's society are caused, and the way to a simpler, healthier and more human way of life shows."


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